SITE UNDER RE-CONSTRUCTION … but feel free to play the short video to help you relax, and look through the calming photos.  


20150404_175833 crop blue30You are Very Welcome to our site www.Staying-Calm.com – a website dedicated to helping you manage angry or stressful feelings when they arise. Because we all can get angry, cross and stressed at times – at work, in the house, out at social events and gatherings. These are all natural feelings we get simply as reactions to events happening to us and around us. However, it is how we ourselves act to remain calm when these feelings arise that counts.

From time to time, we also shall upload videos for you to sit and relax with for a few minutes at a time, so make sure to check those out in the Relaxation Video Gallery. 

There is also a Photo Gallery of shots selected by us for you to enjoy – feel free to use them for your own use – because we know as a visitor to www.Staying-Calm.com you’re not going to download them for commercial use. (Sorry, but we don’t allow the images to be used for commercial or monetary gain.)

And a big THANKS from all of us to all of you for dropping by!